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Children from kindergarten Gola in ethno-house 21/05/2014

Our dear little children from kindergarten in Gola traditionally every year visited naive painter Ivan Večenaj to his Birthday on May 18th, and they sang a couple of songs for good health and happiness to him..
Although grandfather is gone, we continue the tradition of hosting the youngest in our ethno-house in Gola to see what is in the environment he lived when he was a child. His son, Mladen, conjured up their life stories at the beginning of the last century ..
We were surprised their attentive listening, absorbing and incredible interest in all objects in the house and in the yard.
After visiting the home the kids are ready to help when Mladen are extracted corn for our chickens, and then the rest of the braking worked so wells, old game that is played and Mladen when he was a boy.
We are happy and proud to continue the tradition of Ivan Večenaj and transfer knowledge about traditional heritage and traditional way of life in Gola.

ICEFA Lidice Competition for Children

We are glad to inform you that children from Elementary school Antun Nemčić Gostovinski from Koprivnica, achieved outstanding results in the competition ICEFA Lidice in the Czech Republic with their photographs.
For the project, they chose our Ethno-house Večenaj to be the main topic of photography.
We thank them for thinking of ethnological heritage in Podravina with the hope that they re-visit and to participate in their project again!

Marking the anniversary of the birth of Ivan Večenaj (18.05.1920.)


On Sunday, 18.5. 2014th within the relatives we marked the 94th anniversary of the birth of naive artist Ivan Večenaj and International Museum Day! Son of Ivan Večenaj, Mladen, recalled several events from his childhood with his father and we enjoy good company marked the day by remembering to Ivan Večenaj as a special person in our lives!


On Tuesday, 20.5.2014. guided by Mladen Večenaj, Gallery visited elementary school of students Gola-8a and 8b with his art-teacher Anna Gregurec. In pleasant company recalled the artists who lived in their own country.

Ceremonious unveiling of the memorial plaque to Ivan Večenaj


On Saturday 02/15/2014 . in front of the house , where lived and worked naive painter and writer Ivan Večenaj , was unveiled in his honor plaque , on the first anniversary of his death .
Thanks to the initiative of the Society , , Družba braće hrvatskog zmaja,, and the Municipality of Gola will remain here as a reminder of the great painter , writer , lover Prekodravlje and above all – a great man !

During the opening ceremony of a memorial plaque to life and work spoke prof . Vjekoslav Prvčić as a representative of the Society of “Braće hrvatskog zmaja” , Dr. Stjepan Milinković Gola and the Rev. Ivan Herega .
In order to pay tribute and remember that Ivan Večenaj , except that he was one of the most eminent representatives of naive art , was also a writer , a member of KUD Prekodravski zvon , granddaughter of Ivan Večenaj – Petra and Sara Premec ( 6 ) recited his poems Od zdavnja smo tu, Selo Gola and Moje cvetje bode cvelo.
KUD Prekodravski zvon performed his song Z on kraj Drave, which is set to music by Marijan Makar from a LADO – national folklore ansamble.

Son of Ivan Večenaj , Mladen – thanked on behalf of the entire family on the initiative and all visitors who attended this ceremony .

Once again , we wish to thank to everyone who made this memorial plaque remains a reminder of our father and grandfather , who left so much to his Prekodravlje and the rest of us for further storage !

Book promotion of Ivan Večenaj


Dear fans of naive art and work of Ivan Večenaj !

We are honored to invite you to the promotion of eighth book naive painter , writer and collector of folk heritage  – Ivan Večenaj :

Promotion will be held on Friday , November 22 2013th in 12 hours
in Primary School in Gola

The last years of his life when he could no longer paint , he fulfilled his last wish to publish a sort of autobiography, with records of their ancestors and folk customs in Gola by assembling literally until his death 2/13/2013 .

Family Večenaj proud and particularly happy that this book was published shortly after his departure in perpetuity in which they have contributed greatly motivated by love for his father and grandfather.
This is the first posthumous release , and proof that our father and grandfather will never forget!

We look forward to seeing you in large numbers in order to express his appreciation for all that he left her Gola and Prekodravlje !

Family Večenaj

Gift from Gallery Ivan Večenaj to OŠ Gola

On School Day 12.6. in elementary school Gola, Gallery Ivan Večenaj handed a gift that will remind generations of naive artist and poet of Gola -Ivan Večenaj-Tišlarov. His son, Mladen Večenaj, on behalf of his father and Gallery Ivan Večenaj handed framed map of 14 watercolor paintings and poems, which  personally Ivan Večenaj painted.

Students and teachers will remain the memory of the artist Ivan Večenaj who was always happy to visit the students! Gallery Ivan Večenaj will continue to cooperate with the elementary school Gola to help children learn about the artist and guardian heritage -Ivan Večenaj!

Ivan Večenaj-Tišlarov has passed away


Dear lovers of Croatian Naive Art and devotees of Ivan Večenaj’s work,
We are deeply saddened to announce that Ivan Večenaj-Tišlarov died on Wednesday 13.2.2013. in its 92nd Year.
Father, grandfather, father-in-law; classic of Croatian Naive Art, folk storyteller and poet, a collector of popular lore, a fan of nature and above all, the great man – he left his loved ones and Prekodravlje forever.
Thank you for everything you have left for the future generations of the family and Podravina that you loved so much …
Your lovely character, generosity and serenity will forever stay with us!
Mourning family Večenaj

The visit of president Stjepan Mesić

President of Republic of Croatia, Stjepan Mesić visited on august 25th 2009 The Večenaj Museum in Gola.

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